About Vintage Vignettes Photography

How did you get started in photography?

My interest in photography first started in 1977 when I was given a Hanimex 110 Pocket camera and my first roll of film. From then I was given access to progressively better cameras, such as; Agfa pocket bellows, film SLRs etc. My favourite cameras were always the SLR-type of which I had a few. I still have many of the older cameras here, all work perfectly.

Briefly describe your photographic journey.

My real introduction into photography as a hobby was through my stepfather. A professional photographer, he helped me understand elements of aesthetic quality, tonal range and the finer use of an SLR. I also learned to develop my own B+W and colour photographs, in a darkroom we often set up in a second bathroom. I myself travelled the US with a Nikon F601 for a few months, capturing 60+ rolls of film (luckily for me, developed and printed free by my stepfather!).

The first course in photography I completed was in 1989, which mirrors what I have recently completed at TAFE Southwest, a diploma of photoimaging. The difference between the courses is massive, modern digital workflow is much faster and much more controllable. A big part of the course these days is software manipulation and business.

During my 25-years in Defence Intelligence, a part of my duties were evidentiary photography and other imagery collection, so I was rarely without a camera in hand since I started in 1990.

Since leaving Defence, I have started my own photography business, Vintage Vignettes Photography, a business that endeavours to satisfy the needs of charitable endeavours, volunteering, unpaid work for groups and Not-for-profits and providing photography instruction to seniors, charity groups and schools, etc.

What are your main interests in photography?

I like to capture elements of yesteryear, vintage, retro scenes, etc, without too much modernity involved in the composition. I like using post-processing software to give all my images a touch of darkness and vignetting, which is my signature style. I would like to think I am a good General Purpose Photographer, being able to adapt to almost every situation, rather than pidgeon hole myself as specialist in a single area, such as; weddings, newborn photography, etc.

I also love to work in my studio and also using monoblock studio lights on jobs, to give the wow factor to my photography.

What would you like to achieve in your photography?

I would like to achieve honours in societies I am a member of, such as; APS, PSQ & AIPP, and be active in many other services to photography, including; judging, instruction, mentoring and being an active member and/or committee member in various clubs and societies.